Alternate Sensors

Go to the ADC website and view video libraries. They have a cool video that markets alternate sensors. The use case that is shown is a small sensor placed on cabinet doors and being notified… Like my teenager opened the liquor cabinet while I was gone or the pool fence is opened.

ADC shows these small what logo’ sensors which I believe is simply illustrative as I haven’t been able to come across them. What are the smallest sensors that could be used in an application like I described above?

You’re right, those ADC logo things in the video are not real sensors. The smallest 2GIG compatible sensors I’ve used are Resolution Products Mighty Mouse sensors.

Resolution Products Mighty Mouse

What about the pill sized LNA-PILL sensors? Closed or open loop. $2

Ryan - Thanks. Just ordered a set from you guys. Appreciate the help… Rive - never heard of those solutions and without a link couldn’t find them commercially available.

LNA-PILL contacts:

Thanks Rive - looks like these are wired… won’t work for applications like my pool fence… not to keen on running a wire all the way out to my pool. Could see how these would work in certain interior applications.

You wire it to a DW10 or the like (and then its wireless)…like this (garage door)

So much for small footprint… Won’t work outside on a pool fence… Looks like might mouse has the smallest total footprint… Thanks for suggestion.

Are the resolution mighty mouse contacts water proof? Designed for outdoor applications?

Suretycam has the RE211 listed as an indoor sensor

Question for Ryan, but more water proof than the DW10 solution shown.

The re211 (mighty mouse) is listed as an indoor sensor by suretycam.
It won’t suite your purposes either for outdoor use.

Ideally, you would run wire from the PILL contact (which is fully enclosed), to a dry location, a water tight enclosure perhaps where you would place the dw10…

All it takes is a little ingenuity…

No, the mighty mouse sensor is not water proof.

This is how I would do a gate sensor:

This would likely be a good option.

I however have never personally used this sensor.