All batteries reported low at same time

this morning i got a low battery warning on all of my battery operated wireless sensors at the same time. what do you think is really happening?

The sensors I see with a low battery on your account are not wireless sensors. They are programmed as TAKE-345 Zones.

This means that the 12VDC brick battery used for battery backup for the TAKE is low. If you did not experience a loss of power to that circuit or your home, you may just have an older battery which should be replaced.

This battery would be found in the old metal panel housing, depending on how the TAKE was installed.

i have replaced the battery and the alerts (one for each take-345 input) have stopped.

but, how do i clear the old alerts from the panel which still exist for the take-345 inputs?

at 11:03PM, the alerts cleared and i received a msg for each

thanks for your help

The alerts would not clear immediately, but should the next time the sensor transmits status, or at the supervision interval. Glad this is resolved for you!