Alexa set "STAY" mode

2Gig Panel. FW-; Z-Wave lights and Nest Thermostat.
Today when issuing a verbal command to Alexa to turn on the recirc. pump for tankless water heater, “Alexa turn on hot water” I received a verbal response from Alexa stating the security system was being armed in “STAY”. I have never used Alexa to arm or disarm the system, nor do I want to, so I was a bit taken back by this. Not sure how these commands might be confused.

Clearly I do not want this “feature” but I do want the capability for Alexa to turn on some lights that are under Z wave control by the panel. Was this a fluke? Can I disable any arm/disarm capabilities and still use Alexa for other HA?

I should add that the recirc. pump is controlled by WiFi, and is not involved with the Alarm panel in any way

Hmm, that is a bit goofy response, and would be an Alexa bug. There is an easy way to avoid any actual panel control though. uses two different skills, the standard skill allows arming and locking doors and checking the status of the alarm system, then the second smart home skill only supports lights and thermostat controls.

Make sure you only have that smart home skill enabled.