Alarm panel battery

My power has been out 2 days due to hurricane. Panel has low battery warning, if battery dies while its armed, will Inbe able to disarm it?

If the panel battery is fully drained and it shuts off, it will boot back up into the last state it was in when it was powered up.

So, if it is armed when it dies, it will be armed when it boots back up. You cannot disarm it while it is powered off.

Thanks, I have no idea how many days we will be without power, so it seems alarm may go off if door is opened before power is restored or it may not depending on how much power battery has?

If the battery dies, while it is powered off it is not going to register any activity from sensors. The panel is off. The panel battery is expected to last around 24 hours.

Once it is powered back up, it will react to any sensors opened aafter it regained power as normal.

I’d suggest once the batt goes dead unplug the panel so u don’t take a chance on it going off when the power does come back on in case this would happen while ur asleep