Alarm going off

Recently when we enter the house the panel doesn’t display the keypad but goes directly to sounding the alarm. The keypad does come up while it is sounding and allows us to enter. How do we restore the 30 sec delay? It is intermittent but seems to be happening 50% of the time.


Normal Entry Delay is currently set to 30 seconds at the panel. You can confirm this in panel programming under Security and Arming.

Based on history, the most recent alarm (4/7) was triggered by the Living Room Motion. The panel was Armed Away, so the motion would trigger the alarm instantly as it is programmed as Group 17 Away- Instant Motion.

The Front Door sensor should have started an entry delay count down first but appears to have been bypassed at the time of the most recent alarm event.

The Sensor Bypassed trouble condition indicates the system is not actively monitoring a sensor due to it being in a not ready state when the system was armed.

Does it correctly report open and close status at the panel when triggered? How far away from the Front Door Sensor is the magnet?

I set the alarm when the front door was open, the panel said it was bypassed. I thought closing it would include it again. Now I understand that I’ll need to close the door before starting Home Away. Thanks Tyler!