I currently have an old CT100 on one zone in my house but the Main thermostat is too sophisticated for the CT100. I think the may work but I can not find any wiring instructions which I can compare to the smart controller that came with the system.
Could you send me the wiring instructions?

See manual attached.

When you say too sophisticated, what are you referring to? Do you have more stages than are supported? Does your current thermostat have humidity control? Would you be able to post a photo of the current thermostat wiring?

Smart_thermostat_user_guide.pdf (181 KB)

Here is what the manual says and yes it does have humidity contral:

Wiring Requirements
Each digitally communicating device in the system requires four wire connections:
18 AWG solid wire is recommended.
24VAC Hot ®, 24VAC Common ©, Data 1 (1), and Data 2 (2). The R and C connections
provide a 24VAC power supply that can be shared between the indoor and
outdoor units and the thermostat. The data 1 and data 2 connections provide the
communications bus between the indoor unit, outdoor unit and thermostat. Thus,
the R, C, 1, and 2 terminals must be wired consistently. See the indoor unit and
outdoor unit respective installation manuals for additional wiring details.
■ Indoor unit to thermostat wiring: Connect a wire between terminal “R” on the
thermostat sub base and terminal “R” on the 4-position plug connector for the
indoor unit. Repeat for the C, 1, and 2 terminals.

From the looks of that model it would not function. The ADC T2000 does not yet support Humidity Control. The data terminals are not present on most thermostats.