Smart Home Pet Tracking Announcement

“Las Vegas - January 4, 2014 — Today, and Tagg GPS Pet Tracker announce the launch of Smart Pet Tracking, a connected solution that brings together security and awareness for the home and the entire family. With Smart Pet Tracking powered by, homeowners can use Tagg GPS Plus to keep tabs on their pet’s activity and location from the mobile application. Millions of homes powered by can easily add Smart Pet Tracking by acquiring a Tagg GPS Plus device through their authorized Service Provider; available in the first quarter of 2015.”

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Keep tabs on your favorite pet’s location and instantly know if they leave home when they shouldn’t. Smart Pet Tracking offers a GPS pet-tracking device fully integrated with the Smart Home service to bring security and awareness for your home and your entire family together. Smart Pet Tracking

Do you think the battery life will not be something you have to recharge daily?

I hope it comes in a better color besides orange.

Other than that, I can not wait for something like this

Found some information. Looks like the batter lasts about 20 days if your pet is home all the time. If it is outside your home, the battery life goes down. It says 3.5 days. So if you pet is lost, you may only have 3.5 days to locate assuming you have a fresh battery as we all know rechargeable batteries start losing capacity as time goes on.

Battery life will be the issue on these type of devices and hope improvments are developed. but in the mean time, this is better than nothing and the price point looks affordable at around 99 bucks

It looks like they’re doing it about as cleverly as possible but, yeah, it will need to be recharged periodically.

When your dog is within a couple hundred feet of the base station/charger the collar uses lower power short-range communication to the base station instead of higher power long-range communication directly to cellular towers. When your dog goes out of range of the base station then the collars starts communicating with cellular towers and uses up the battery charge faster.’s-battery-life

Tagg Battery Life

I’ll probably just train my dog to charge it himself when he gets the battery low notification.

Have there been any updates about when this will be available? I tried a google search but could only find the announcements from back in January.

Unfortunately, we do not have an updated ETA. As soon as we do, we’ll post on the forum. I’m pretty excited to use it myself.

It seems like the pet tracker device is now out?

The integrated service with should be available soon, but not quite yet.

Do you think if they are purchased via they will be compatible with ADC?
Any idea if ADC will have it as an add-on vs the $9.95 a month that is charging?

I would assume that current units would be compatible when ADC support for the pet tracker is released and that you could integrate it, but because it has not yet been officially launched, I can not currently confirm that. I’ve got a little more digging to do and hope to get an answer from ADC shortly. Likewise, we don’t know how ADC plans to price it (if its an add on) at this point.