Smart Energy Management

I was told there are two versions of this, one on Amazon for $29, which is generation 1 and yours which is a generation 2. I was told that only the Generation 1 would work with my 2GIG panel. Can you verify for me? I would like to order the power meter and the smart thermostat tomorrow.

Are you asking about the Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Home Energy Meter G1 (DSB09104-ZWUS)? Ours are Generation 1 and compatible with 2GIG.

Hi Amanda,

Yes, I am asking about the Aeon Labs Aeotech Z-Wave Home Energy Meter G1.

I cross referenced the part # on Amazon and the G1 is being sold for $24.99 there, while the G2 is being sold on Amazon for $94.99.

The picture on the Surety site is that of the G2, but you’re saying it’s actually the G1 being sold at the G1 price?

Amazon links below:



Please advise, thanks.

The picture on our site may be an oversight. Ours in stock are G1.

Got it Jason, could you kindly clarify why the G1 on your site is being sold for $70 more than on Amazon? Apart from a picture error, is it also a pricing error on the Surety store site?


There is no error on our pricing. It is as listed. The link you provided shows original list price of $143.47. You would have to ask them why they are currently marking their equipment down to its current price.


I would much prefer to give Surety my money, as a loyal customer than Amazon. I bought a full 2GIG system from you guys with a bunch of sensors and would like to buy more. Ok, so let’s not call it a pricing error, let’s call it a pricing disparity – can you match the price of the exact same sensor on Amazon’s site or at least come close. Just asking – when I see such large pricing disparities, they are either due to a manufacturer doing a closeout with tons of bulk within inventory or some type of pricing error.

I find it really interesting that the G2 on Amazon is within 5 cents of the Surety price of the G1. This doesn’t make any sense with regards to merchandising – hence my evaluation of it might being an error.

We thank you for the loyalty. I would assume bulk inventory or no longer stocking the G1 is the reason, but cannot say for certain. We do not have bulk inventory and will continue using the G1.

For a product that is marked down 83% in that listing, I would say take advantage of that deal. We cannot match fire-sale prices.

Thanks Jason, that makes sense to me. I ordered two, I’d like to monitor my utility feed and 10.2KW solar system if that is possible. If not, I’ll just flip the other one. Appreciate your help.

You should be able to monitor two on the same account, yes