not arm status different from panel

Hello, I just returned to my house after having armed my alarm away and I could not disarm it through the surety app using two different phones. I entered my home to disarm it manually, and found that it had already been disarmed (I have a geo rule for this, perhaps it was triggered?). I then logged into and my alarm is still listed as arm away, and this is the case as well for the arm status on both of our cell phones using the app. Could you please help me resolve this urgently?

So this specific event just looks like you tried sending a number of disarm commands to the panel, but communication was spotty at the time and while the mobile disarm command went through and the panel disarmed, the app did not receive an update that it was successful.

This issue should resolve itself with fixed communication.

The problem in this case is the panel is only communicating via broadband. Cell is not working it appears. We need to troubleshoot that.

Please try a panel reboot, Settings > Advanced Settings > Reboot Panel. Then after the panel boots up, try sending a Cellular test from the system. Settings > Advanced Settings > System Tests > Cellular Test > Start.

Let me know when you have done that and we can double check signaling.

Thank you. I just did that and updated the software while I was at it. Could you let me know how it looks on your end?

Great, thank you, it looks like that resolved your cellular error. All tests are coming back with good signaling and all pings successful now across cell and broadband.


Hello, the same issue is happening again, with no response from the panel when I send remote commands. I already did all these steps and it is still not working. Could you help me fix this? I saw from another post that seems to be down, which would be quite worrisome for a security company if true.

Looks like this was indeed posted during an overall communication issue. It was not a localized problem. reported an operations alert shortly before this last post, and looks like it was shortly resolved.

Are you experiencing any continued issues?

It resolved later that day. Is there anything you can do to avoid this happening in the future? It makes me uneasy to know that the security system can fail so frequently

One of the biggest things is to use Dual Path communication.

If cellular experiences an issue, Internet communication would still go through, and vice-versa. It looks like you already have that enabled.

This latest issue was also a back-end related issue with ADC. These are by far rarer than cellular signal hiccups.

Thanks Jason. The panel was completely unresponsive remotely - is this expected during a cellular issue, or would there be something wrong in addition to what we already discussed?

That would mean either both Internet and Cellular were out or the issue is related to servers. Both are unlikely, but can happen. This event was caused by an back-end server issue.