Automation Schedules --> 2GIG Panel Replaced

Good Afternoon-
My previous 2gig panel was RMA’d, and since I’ve received the replacement unit, all automation rules (new or old) aren’t working.

I am able to use all automation functions on, and can turn lights on/off or unlock doors. However, even though the lights can be controlled through the site, the automation rules aren’t being activated on their set schedule. (such as outside lights turning on right before dusk and off right after dawn).

Could someone please advise any potential solution for this issue?

Thank you

If a rule or scheduled automation is not functioning, the first troubleshooting step should be deleting and recreating that rule, however, if you have a large number of rules which are not functioning, we can resend them all at once.

It looks like all automation Event Triggered Rules are currently disabled. Your time-scheduled automation is active. Commands to rebuild the rules in the panel have been sent. Check back in about 20 minutes. You can create a test rule in to make sure rules are now functioning (something like, when the front door opens, turn on this light)

Fantastic, I’ll check now–thank’s Jason!

Also: I’m realizing that the locks are having issues being controlled by the website. I’m able to lock/unlock my doors directly from the panel, but when I send a request via, it doesn’t push to the lock, and then says that the device is malfunctioning… Any suggestions?

What model of lock is it? Did you learn the lock into the panel with the panel close by?

I have 3 Schlage camelot z-wave locks. I learned the locks with the panel at the same height as the back of the lock, and roughly 3 inchs away. Even after the locks confirmed a successful pairing (with the green checkmark) , i left the panel by the locks for another 10 minutes to ensure that all pairing related information was synced properly, because i know they can be troublesome.

Are these the BE369 model, what is the model number? Camelot I believe is the body style (vs contemporary etc.)

They should have learned in just fine then, and it looks like your Zwave network is pretty large. Do you have a number of repeating devices between the lock and the panel?

I’ve confirmed that two of them are model: fe469nx.

The third looks the exact same, and it’s probably also an fe469nx, but i’m not certain.

We have a number of light switches which should repeat the signal, and they’re all within roughly 20 feet or less of each other, except for my office light, lock, and an additional light switch which are in the garage (i would get a repeater if needed, but these are the only ones where there’s roughly a 40 foot gap between switches)

Two of the locks are within 100 feet of each other, and there are roughly 7-8 z-wave light switches in between. I’m currently sitting with the panel in between both doors, and i can lock and unlock these without issue from the panel, but not from ADC. It also appears that none of our user codes are syncing to the locks.

It does sound like a communication issue but with that many lights you should have a strong network. Did you “rediscover” the network after the locks and panel were moved to their final locations?

Did these locks work reliably with your old 2GIG panel before it was replaced?

Hi Ryan-
I have not yet “rediscovered” the network. I just purchased a third lock, so I can’t speak about that one, and I rarely used the second lock, but we use our front door lock pretty heavily, and generally speaking, it worked flawlessly with our old panel & ADC.

That said, I’m not certain if you or Jason did something, but it started working about 20-30 minutes after my last post. The automation/schedule issues, the user codes, and the lock/unlock requests through ADC are now working perfectly.
Thank you guys, as always!

As you mentioned it helps to add Z-Wave devices when they are near (within 10 feet of) the control panel but then after you put everything in it’s final location you have to do a “rediscover network” from the control panel so it can learn how to route messages through other devices to reach the further out devices.

I don’t think anyone on our end did anything to your system but I’m glad to hear it’s working now.