automation rule logic

I have a z-wave light in my house I’d like to turn on when one of my yard gates is opened, and turn off when all the gates are closed. I could do this with Smartthings by having multiple if clauses ANDed or ORed together. For example, each gate closed event could have something like “if Gate 1 is Closed and Gate 2 is Closed then Set Light to Off”. I have a Qolsys 2+ panel and Have I lost this ability (from Smartthings), or what should my automation rule(s) look like?

To put it another way, can I have a light that turns on if any one of a set of doors are open, and turns off if all the doors are closed?

You can set up a rule which turns on a light when a sensor opens, and turns it off when that sensor closes, however you cannot use the conditional that other sensors are also closed at the time.

So I can better understand the use case, let’s say you have 3 gates A, B, and C. You want a rule which turns on the light if A, B, or C opens? And you want the rule to turn the light off when the last gate closes in the event multiple are opened?

What you would be able to set up currently is a rule to turn on the light when A, B, or C opens, and turn off the light when the first of those gates close.

We’ve requested support for status conditionals from in the past, I’ll push this along as another request.

Yes, you have it correct. Please push it again to! Home automation hubs let you do this, as do other DIY alarm companies such as Abode. is really behind on this one.

One idea is they could add one more section to the rule definitions: Conditions. In it you could list sensors and states you’d like to match (and the option of ANDing or ORing the conditions). There are other ways, but the functionality is really important if they want to handle home automation. Thanks!