and Geo Fences

When I try to update the rule ‘garage left open GEO’ under the notifications tab, I complete all sections and hit the save button but the rule always shows ‘resolve’. I look at the rule and it’s not saving when I check the Mobile Device as the thing that exits the home geofence.

I’ve tried to delete the notification rule and remake it but nothing saves. Can you take a look at this please?


Just to clarify, you are checking the box next to the Mobile Device under “When the selected people cross a geo-fence” and saving, the notification does not save? Or does it act like it saves, goes back to the notifications page, but the change does not take?

When you click the save button, look at the top of the web page. Any alerts or errors indicating why it would not save should populate at the top of the page. Do you see anything show up?

Hadn’t seen this before myself. However, after talking with ADC, this was recently discovered as an issue by ADC, so they are working on a fix. It looks like it specifically affects a couple Left Open rules and the Lock left Unlocked rule.

No ETA it sounds like they are still determining cause.