and 2GiG panel delay on intial set up

I just received my Vivout cell module etc. Installed fine, got up and running and took system out of test mode. I wanted to test out my lights, thermostats, locks etc via the site and my Iphone app…Nothing was working. Then about 20 minutes later some lights randomly turned on and off and my locks unlocked and locked again, apparently from the commands I had sent 20 minutes prior. My question is, is there a significant delay in the intitial pairing process of my 2gig panel and If so then about how long does it take for these two to start talking faster. If this is not normal then how do I get and my panel to pair and start talking?! Plz help, Thanks

Some more info, I have tried this

My radio status is currently 19/31

Looks like the panel and are communicating well now. I suppose it just took a few hours for them to get acquainted.

If attempting to send commands and test during the initial command template period, you will see delays. A lot of initial commands are being sent to open programming, etc.