Alarm and lights

Tried everything in with no results. I have a rule that turns off all lights when the system is armed. The problem is that it turns the lights off as soon as you arm the system. The panel is located in the middle of the office so this is not ideal (it gets very dark). User has to walk in the dark all the way to the exit.
Is there a way to enable a rule after the arming delay is up.

You could always create two rules one to turn off all lights, and another to turn on a specific light/lights when armed for a determined period of time (in minutes).

Something as simple as a floor lamp with a zwave light bulb

Another option is to install a secondary panel at exit/entrance for arming away mode, or even set the light automation for a set time instead of arming status.

Something else, is to install a door/window sensor near entrance/exit door, wire it to a regular light switch like the ones sold at lowes for $2, and use this switch to automate the lighting instead of the arming status of panel.

I just spoke to and they indicated that this is a suggested feature that they are looking into. Unfortunately you cannot add the delay now, I suspect it is due to certain panels being unable to process that delay without firmware additions.

The above poster’s suggestion regarding a switch and D/W contact might be a good solution. Would give you a configurable wireless switch that could turn on/off any number of zwave lights in the location and be specified to only operate between certain hours.

Thanks guys!
Will try everything suggested.