Aeotec Aeon Labs Repeater

I purchased the Aeotec Zwave Repeater from Surety and I am not sure how to set it up on my QOLSYS Panel.

At first I was expecting a plug and play solution like the repeater for the sensors but realize you have to pair it.

The only way I can think to do this is to press the pair button and “LEARN” the Zwave device like I did my thermostats but that doesn’t seem to work.

The instructions just tell you how to do it if you have a Zstick or Minimote and the instructions do not translate into the QOLSYS panel for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help as always!

Zwave repeaters are added into your panel as any Zwave device would be. They will naturally repeat all signals routed through them to distant nodes.

Double click the button on the side of the repeater quickly. As with any Zwave device, it is recommended to use the “Remove” function first. On Qolsys this is labeled as “Clear Device”

Make sure to rediscover the network after any new Zwave device installation.

On the Panel, I go to:

Installation>Zwave Home Control Devices>Add>Pair

I then double click on the side of the repeater and the unit never finds it.

Did you perform the clear device function first?

Yes, I just tried it again for good measure.

Double tapping the button when the panel is in pair mode.

I get:

“Clear operation has timed out”

Thanks you for getting back :slight_smile:

Try checking Settings - Installation - Home Control Settings. What is the “Other Devices” max value?

Jason, I tried this at the time I wrote the original post and had no luck - not sure if there was a recent update that fixed any zwave problems but this issue and another issue I was having with zwave was resolved about 5 days ago.

My thermostats (problem discussed on another thread) started communicating with the panel again 5 days ago after I had given up for a few months and not had time to fix it with a new kid just being born.

I started thinking it was a zwave issue with the panel - anyway, since the thermostats started communicating, i plugged the repeater in, hit pair on the panel, double tapped and it worked flawlessly.

Very strange so I hope there was a recent update that fixed it! :slight_smile: