Adding plug in lamp module

I have a plug in z-wave lamp module and I can’t add it in to the panel. It won’t find the module to let me add it in. I have other devices on the panel and have looked at the videos, but can’t seem to get this one to connect.

On the 2GIG Go!Control Panel, from the home screen you’re selecting “services”, then “Z-wave” and finally, “switches”. From this screen, make sure your switch is plugged into a working receptacle and push the center button quickly.

I’ve seen this problem a few times and the culprit is most often a finicky switch. They need to pressed twice very quickly. If you hold the button down too long it often won’t learn in.

Any chance you were holding the button down while the panel was looking for the switch?

Two likely issues:

  1. Zwave devices can only be learned into a single network. As a rule, whenever you try to add a new device, first go through the steps to remove it from any network it was previously in. (Press remove devices instead of add and follow the same procedure at the device as you would to add it.) Then proceed with adding the device. Typically new devices will have been tested by the manufacturer before shipment and still associated with the test network.

  2. As Amanda described, the center learn button must be pressed twice, quickly in order for the command to be recognized. Slow presses or pressing only once will not learn the device in.