Adding or Subtracting Zones


Are there any additional steps I need to take to update the system for monitoring after I add or subtracts zones / make changes to my system?

I know how to program my vista20 panel. I am asking about any steps I need to take to make sure that the surety / know about the changes.

I plan to put the system in test mode, and reprogram to ensure the changes work well.

Here are two examples:
Number 1:
I need to turn off my wired smoke detector zone because it is throwing false alarms from Radio RF. I plan to program the zone number 1 to 00 for now and try adding a new wireless detector in a different location once it arrives.

Number 2:
I will be adding a wired zone expander and a new partition to monitor another part of my residence. I would add quite a few zones to a new partition.

I tried searching on the web and in the chat- sorry if this is one of those covered a lot posts, but didn’t see anything on it.

My system has been working great so far with the exception of my false smoke alarm stemming form my RF transmitter.


Nothing is needed beyond making the changes at the panel. Your panel will report the new zones to, and they will be matched up with your professional monitoring account through Surety automatically (if applicable).

Allow a short time after making the changes before the new zones will be viewable in If you run into any issues with not getting updated, perform a power cycle of the system and it should resolve.

Jason, thanks for your reply. Everything worked out fine when I updated my wireless smoke detector.