Adding New Sensors

How long after adding hew sensors will they show up in ADC, or is there something needed to make that happen? will be aware of the new sensors as soon as the panel tells I’m more familiar with how the 2GIG panel handles this but Qolsys is probably the same way. With 2GIG, it can be up to a few hours as it only sends status big status updates like that every few hours (to save cell phone bandwidth) unless something triggers an update. Running a cell phone test or rebooting the panel will usually trigger a big status update so you might try those with the Qolsys panel. We can also manually request a sensor update as your dealer but you can’t do that yourself from the website. We’re hoping to add the ability for you to do that yourself from the website soon. I would prefer it if the panels were smart enough to just push the update immediately when you add the new sensor currently they don’t.

This annoying delay is just when new sensors are added. Once knows about a sensor it’s open/closed status will be updated very quickly if you have sensor activity monitoring enabled for that sensor.

Yeah, they were showing up by the time I got back home tonight. Just didn’t know if there was something I needed to do or just wait.