ADC-VDB Model Number

So this is the second slim line doorbell camera that I purchased. On the box it states that its model
ADC-VDB106, but after connecting it up on the site it states that it’s model ADC-VDB105. Is there a issue with the these doorbells displaying the wrong model # or was i given the ole bait and switch?

ADC-VDB105 and ADC-VDB106 are the same model of Skybell Doorbell, the number difference just refers to the finish color, ADC-VDB105 for the Satin Nickel, ADC-VDB106 for the Bronze.

I purchased the Bronze and it’s coming up as ADC-VDB105. However, from what you’re saying is still all the same correct?

Correct, yeah there is no difference between the two other than the color, so they are indistinguishable software-wise. The device type in ADC will simply say VDB105.