ADC-V722W Housing?

We’re planning to install a couple of ADC-V722W cameras outdoors around the perimeter of the house, and my wife wants to find a way to make them a little less obtrusive. Are there any recommended housings or other ways to at least partially conceal them?

Thanks -


Typically, you want an unobstructed view for the camera and I could not recommend a particular method per se.

The trick is finding something that isn’t out of place but can also house the camera. The setup would depend on location and installation point.

Some people use birdhouses to house the camera, although you would likely have to build it yourself to get a good fit (Remember shop class?) Possibly even a hanging plant could work so long as it doesn’t produce unwanted motion/obstruction of view.

Utilizing a camera with a different profile could be an alternative. Something like the ADC-V825 Outdoor Dome Camera might be an option, depending on use case.

I appreciate the feedback Tyler - very helpful. As luck would have it, I bought a birdhouse this morning that will do the trick with some modification (yes I remember shop class!).