ADC thermostat keeps changing setpoints

I just installed a adc thermostat today. I had the set point at 51. When I look into adc website and look at the activity it shows the target temp. Was changed to 88 a bunch of times. Why is it doing this?

Looks like it is configured without a cooling stage, but those events are referencing the Cool Mode temp I believe from the look of it on the back-end.

Each event corresponds with an event showing the Heat target temp at 51. I don’t see any remote commands around those times, so those are just status updates.

Was it originally configured without a cooling stage or was that changed after?

The first time I configured it I tried on my phone but it did not take(without cooling). I then logged into adc on my laptop and configured it without the cooling and it took.

Ok. Looks like with the latest couple events the extra cool point status is no longer there. Let us know if you continue to see it.

I’ll check with ADC to verify that the cool target status should not show up with a successful sync in the config settings and the back-end with no cooling stage.

It is doing it again. It seems to happen at times when I use the alarm app on my phone. This morning it was not doing it but just now it did it.

Just to verify, are you actually interacting with the thermostat at all locally or on the ADC website at the time that these are occurring?

Nothing locally or when I used the website. It seems to happen when I use alarm app on my iPhone

Alright, thanks, the app does send status requests to sync current temp settings, however the events shown in history represent no change in the target and shouldn’t be there. has sent some commands to the Tstat to help sync which should stop the cooling set point from showing in the event list. It looks like all of those commands have gone through.

Let us know if you notice this continuing.

It still is doing it. It happened when I looked at thermostat on iPhone adc app.

Alright, thank you for confirming.

Given the pattern you are seeing where it shows up when accessing the app, this makes sense as an error. Whenever accessing the app, ADC does a status check for Tstats. So what you are seeing is not indicative of anything changing.

Something seems to be causing the previously discovered status to get cleared so it is simply announcing what the current set points are for both modes.

I’ve updated ADC and will follow up here with updates. You can ignore the “88” number for the moment as cooling stages do not exist and cannot be activated on ADC.