ADC Testing Questions

Can you send me the protocol/info on running a full system test? Now that I’m live I want to test stay and away modes without getting the authorities here.

The directions for testing your system are found in the suretyDIY Welcome Email.

When created, your account will always initially be on test mode with the 24/7 monitoring station. Your email will inform you the date when this is set to expire, as well as instructions on how to end this test period when you are ready.

Is there a step in testing with which you need assistance?

Thanks Amanda (and Jason) no, not a step per se, just the overall process. I overlooked it in the welcome email. All set!

I do have one quick question - since the system is in test mode still (during the initial setup period as per welcome email)… if I trigger an alarm, ADC won’t call me correct? I have to call them to see if received correctly. Did I understand that correctly from step 5 of the instructions?

Thanks again

The 24/7 monitoring station will not call when a system is registered on test mode with them, correct. All signals will go through to the monitoring station so you can call to verify what was received, however they will all be regarded as test signals. This test mode will either expire or can be taken off and/or reapplied by you.

Great. Thanks again!

Peet , just an FYI Monitoring America (central station) will always respond to alarm signals over the 2 way intercom , asking if you have an emergency, don’t be alarmed as this is their policy , just tell then you are testing , not sure why they have to do that ,possibly a liability issue but I don’t think it’s a bad thing , it’s actually comforting knowing signals are being received and someone will always respond!!!