ADC-T2000 Thermostat Too Cold Message

I’m not finding anything about the cause of this message. Anyone know what it means?

That’s actually an alert resulting from the thermostat temperature threshold notification - it warns when the temp read by the Tstat is above or below configured thresholds.

Strangely in this case the notification is not configured, but the temps are set at 79 to 71. So it sounds like the temp went below 71 and you are seeing this message.

This may be unintentional as the notification is not configured. You can safely ignore the alert at this time, and we have notified ADC to see if this can be resolved on the back end, but to resolve now I think you could just click on the thermostat card, select Rules, scroll to the thermostat temperature notification rule and click configure. Complete the configuration and save, then you can just toggle the rule off.