ADC-T2000 and motion sensor

Is there a way to configure this tstat so it turns on when it senses motion rather than working off a schedule?

The use case is that I have a heat only multi zone system. Would like to have certain zones at a lower temp unless someone is that area of the house.

I thought I could use a rule with my 2gig passive sensor,but that isn’t an option.


Nope. Not right now.

So a nest or ecobee are the only options at the moment?

Sure. If you don’t want it integrated into

A work around may be to reprogram your PIR motion as a zone 23 contact (so that it shows as a selectable sensor in the sensor left open energy saver rule), then set back temp for that tstat configured zone when the sensor is triggered. Not configurable for set forward temps though.

Do you know if eventually this could be a feature? Seems motion activated tstats are common in their competitors.

Dunno. Perhaps.

A tricky part about using motion for thermostat activation is they power save delay and activation delay in ADC. It is much more precise to use things like arming status and Geofencing.

Currently, if you relied on occupancy as detetmined by a motion detector, a lack of occupancy wouldn’t be noticed for quite some time, and your HVAC would blast away for up to an hour after everyone leaves.

The use case you bring up is interesting though and wouldn’t be served by current options. We will discuss with ADC. They may already be working on a solution.

Yes, I am confident this will eventually be a feature. used to have a feature called activity patterns where the thermostats page would graphically show you what days/times during the week you were most likely to be home based on activity from all your sensors. That feature was removed with the recent thermostats overhaul but they are planning to bring activity/occupancy based automation back in the future along with the planned scene functionality.