ADC-SG130 problems

I just recently installed an ADC-SG130 and have had nothing but problems since. So I unplugged it, and now keep getting alerts that it’s not responding. Is there a way to uninstall it? It doesn’t show up under any device list.

I can help with that. I’ve cleared that from the account for you.

Most controls for the SG130 are on the dealer side still in There aren’t many to begin with. It is more plug and play than other devices.

If you are interested in troubleshooting, what problems were you having?

Well, I connected my v522 indoor camera to the smart gateway. They were only about 10 feet apart, but I got about 54% signal strength, and everytime I tried to view the live stream it told me that a slow connection would effect video quality. The indoor camera also stopped showing up on my tv hooked to the hdmi output from my SVR, and the audio function stopped working completely. Since disconnecting the smart gateway one of my outdoor cameras has started intermittently losing connection. I know that shouldn’t have anything to do with the gateway because it was never connected to the gateway, but I can’t help but note that it never had a problem before I tried using the smart gateway.

The outdoor camera issue would be coincidental, and I would recommend trying a reboot first for it.

The low signal is definitely a little surprising for that distance. Did your signal strength increase when you swapped it back to your router?

The Gateway is meant to be a convenience device more than anything, it is not meant to add power to a network or increase range, but 10 feet should not experience that kind of issue.

I can confirm the same issue about losing the view on the SVR via HDMI upon connecting the camera via the Gateway.

The cameras signal strength when just connected to my router is 73%. But I really didn’t get the gateway to increase my range, I just wanted to experiment and see if putting my security devices on a dedicated wireless access point would increase my wifi speed, and I assumed that the smart gateway would be more secure than a typical WAP.

Its security isn’t unique, but it is a secure randomly generated network key. How it integrates with accounts and acts as a plug and play access point, providing dealers a view into the connection point of the cams is what would set it apart. But it seems to be a product more focused on the most common <4 camera installs without SVR.