ADC-S2000-T Keeps showing malfunction

I have Replaced the battery and re paired the sensor and I keep getting a malfunction.

Is there anything else I can try or do I need to do a warranty claim on it since I got it less than a year ago?

When you paired the sensor did you leave it in its final location? The Remote Temp Sensor is unique in that it does not participate in network rediscoveries and only learns in with Network Wide Inclusion, meaning it and the panel must be in their permanent spots when paired, and it uses other repeating nodes to carry the signal.

Have you removed or moved around any repeating Z-wave devices like switches or plug-in modules?

If you swap its location with one of the other working temp sensors and relearn both of them, does the problem follow the sensor or stay at the location?

After about 8 months in its permanent location it started to act funky. I had issues unpairing it and I was able to re pair it but I can’t remember if I had it on the wall or next to the panel.

Nothing on my system changed and this was a completely random event.

I’ll try unpairing it’s again and adding to see what it does.

Were you able to find a resolution to this issue? I’ve been having the same issue.