ADC CT100 Thermostat

So I have the following:

CT100 -> SmartThings -> 2GIG alarm panel.

I have removed and reset the thermostat a couple times and it never seems to connect all the way back to ADC. This has been working fine since I installed the system. All of my other zwave devices are peachy and working. Im going to try to put the thermostat directly to the 2GIG but my plans for down the road are to add additional sensors to control vents and such around my house. So I would prefer to keep it working on the ST control panel. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

This is going to depend on the controller being used as primary, but often there will be a way to push network information to secondary controllers from the primary’s UI.

Testing with a Vera automatically updated the 2GIG panel with a new light switch. Not all controllers will do this. One surefire work-around would be to remove the 2GIG panel, reset its Z-wave network and re-add it to ST. This will copy all info from ST again.

It looks like the Tstat is currently not connected to the panel, correct?

Does the 2GIG Panel ever see it when you try to add and ADC does not show it? If so we can run an equipment update to see if it shows up.

Jason yes I can remove add to ST and it shows but never really works and sends or pulls data. I tried to change the Tstat from 2GIG and ST and it does nothing. Im wondering if the Tstst is failing. I will try to complete take it off and start from scratch. The primary is ST and the secondary is 2GIG. I dont know of a way to push from ST to 2GIG.

If you re-add it to ST and 2GIG sees it, let us know and we will run an equipment update. There are some commands we can send to try to sync up which will help determine if there is an issue with the device itself.