ADC Camera Setup

This is the setup I am considering with the surety complete plan + extra video support:

Qolsys iq panel 2+ with various sensors
7 ADC-VC826
1 ADC-VDB770
1 ADC-CSVR126 + 2 8TB WD Purple Drives

Just want to verify a few things:

1 - Will the above mentioned surety plan work with the CSVR126?

2 - How do the cameras interact with the CSVR as well as the Qolsys panel? Do they all need to be on the same local network?

3 - Planning to power the cameras via an 8 or 16 port POE switch. Will this switch also need to be on the same network as the CSVR? Would a managed switch work? Are there any POE switches recommended in particular for ADC cameras?


The Complete plan would be the one to go with for that setup.

Yes, the devices must be on the same network. After adding the cameras to your account you will select in which cameras to stream to the panel and you’ll create recording rules for the cameras you wish to record on the CSVR. They will then record on the LAN to the CSVR.

I would keep the switch only connected to the LAN used for the cams. I assume by your question that you have more than one network locally. The switch shouldn’t have multiple networks connected.

POE is a standardized application of power. I would use a reputable brand gigabit switch but there is no specific model to go with.