ADC camera recording issues/malfunctions

Anyone having issues with cameras going haywire?

Issue 1:
no motion was detected in any of the three VMD windows, yet 300 or so clips were recorded during a 5 hour duration, nearly every minute… the clips were of 6 sec duration, even though the saved video settings for camera triggered recordings was set for 40 sec duration. Tamper rule was off also, and there were no alarm events.

Issue 2:
Just did a “live view” manual recording at 11:57 am today, the ADC recording time/date stamp at start is correct (11:57 am), but recording footage/time on cam is from almost 6 hours earlier at 6:00:52 am, then at 6:01:07, The recording jumps an hour and 28 minutes to 7:29:33 am…