ADC App Question

I tried searching for this, but I can’t seem to find it. Does the App for ADC have the ability to show whether a z-wave light is on or off if it was turned on or off via a schedule?

Obviously if you manually turn on the light or off, the app shows that it’s either on or off, but I was curious if there is any visual confirmation in the app says that certain lights are currently on or off.

No, a description of the issue can be found here.

In short, when you manually send a command, your app only shows what you have sent, not the status of the light. This is a patent issue.

Workarounds are actively being looked into.

Thank you. It’s not a huge pain point, but I can see it is for others. I appreciate the quick response!

The patent is actually held by Lutron, so using ADC you can always integrate Lutron Caseta or RadioRa2.

True, but I’m not sure spending at least $120 to visually see if my lights are on or off from my phone or PC is worth it haha.