Activity based learning thermostats

I’m using the new ADC T2000 units and have them set up with geo fences and standard schedule based programs to manage set points for heating and cooling. I also have triggers set up so that if doors and windows on the respective floors are open for too long they will dial back temps.

Is anyone going farther than that and tying thermostat settings to motion detectors in the house?

We know that the biggest selling point for Nest is that motion based and activity based learning and that’s also been touted as being even better with the thermostats tied in to the whole ecosystem. I’m curious as to how well it works. Right now I don’t have motions because cats but I’d invest in a few just to use as environmental sensors if there’s some benefit to it.


There have been some recent major changes to the web UI for thermostats coinciding with the release of the ADCT2000. The Smart Schedule Activity Pattern, using sensor data to track daily activity and better set schedules, has not functionally made its way back into the UI. Currently, the sensor left open rule in the rules and settings page best utilize sensor activity for the thermostats.

The Smart Schedule Sensor Activity is supposed to be reintroduced.

Interesting, thanks for the update Jason. Guess I’ll hold off on introducing motions for this purpose until that functionality has been restored. They market with that so it’s a little odd that they don’t actually have it running lol.

It’s a little odd, yes, but there are quite a few more features now with the addition of the ADC thermostat. Hopefully it is reintroduced soon.

The sooner the better…looks like I need another thermostat.