About powerg Smoke

Hey guys question what would cause a powerg Smoke to say low battery less than a year of being installed

Only thing that should cause that is a low battery. Do you have a multimeter to test the charge of the battery? Have you tried replacing the battery?

Haven’t yet will be doing that this evening just think it weird since it a new system pretty much

So we have 3 smoke detectors doing current company things no programmed in correctly but the system not a 6 months old yet and already 3 smokes with low battery’s

To clarify, you have 3 PowerG smoke detectors that are all reporting low battery?

What is the model number?

Were you able to test the batteries? Have you tried replacing them?

I haven’t had a chance to make out there but I just trying see what u all think and see what my current company thinks just so I have 2 different options cause these smokes aren’t even a year old and I don’t have the model number with me at the moment