9Ft DC Alarm.com Video Camera Power Extension Cord

Do you sell the VPE 9’ cords for the ADC cameras?

We don’t stock them. It’s just a standard 2.1mm DC connector extension cord. You can get them for a better price elsewhere. For example:


Or you can get the connectors and make one to the specific length you need.


Original post above suggested an incorrect 2.5mm connector size. It’s since been corrected to suggest a correct 2.1mm connector size.

Well I just wasted some money on this. The cameras do not use this size (at least not the ADC-V610PT) (inside)… I ordered the 3M cable from MCM (http://www.mcmelectronics.com/product/23-766)

If you look close at the barrel (inside where center pin goes), you will see that the one for the cameras (on left, bottom pic) is smaller in diameter, and the camera center pin is also thinner than the one on the 2.5m cable. I am thinking that it is in fact maybe 2.1mm.

Center pin different diameters

Cameras connector on left, does not fit into the connector bottom right (center pin is too big)

Sorry about that! I just looked at it but I should have actually plugged one in before posting a link to the part. I’ll do that on Monday and send you one that’s the right size free of charge as an apology.

Yep it’s 2.1mm. I just checked it on several Alarm.com cameras. In fact, all the spare CCTV connectors we use here are 2.1mm, we don’t even have anything that’s 2.5mm. I must have had a brain fart when I wrote that. I’m sending you a replacement.

I corrected the post above and sent you one of these instead.


Thanks Ryan