7 year old 2gig system

I have a 2gig system with Moni/Brinks that is 7 years old. I’m thinking about moving to Surety because Brinks is charging me $59/month. Brinks offered to upgrade my cellular card to 4G for free. Should I have them do that, or does it not matter because I’d need a new/different card to move to Surety? What does it take to move my system to Surety since my system is currently activated with Brinks on Alarm.com? I was able to check my serial number, and got this message: " The module with serial number XXXXX is already registered with Alarm.com and in use. Contact Surety to get support and find out what options are available to get started."

Also, I’m currently running firmware version 1.9.5.

In order to sign up for service through Surety, you would need an unregistered, Alarm.com compatible 4G LTE cellular module.

The message you received using the module check tool means your module is Alarm.com compatible but attached to another service provider (brinks).

Based on your Firmware (1.9.5) it is a 3G module (1.19+ is needed for 4G LTE compatibility).

In order to switch to Surety you would need to and have the 4G LTE module ( and you would need to update your panel to 1.19.1+ to use that module) Having Brinks update you to 4G LTE may require you to be in contract longer with them, but I cannot be sure, you’d need to find out from them.

You can get the module, and Firmware update cable (needed to update the firmware locally) through our website here. This also comes with a complimentary month of service.