4 way z wave install

Looking to find a solution to a particular lighting situation.

I have an existing three way switch set up. Ideally I would love to convert to a dimmer, set up, and add a control to make this a 4 way set up, with z wave / automation capable.

I have neutrals at the existing switches, so was leaning to the Leviton dimmer and a single companion. This give me a perfect 3 way solution with control from the panel.

However I would Like to add in a additional control on the other side of the room. Given the location running a traveler wire is not feasible. I would like to install the control in a existing switch box. Anyone have and recommendations if there is a zwave remote that can work in this manner?

The way most of the 3-Way switch options work is a single direct control switch over the load, then a transmitter only switch which wirelessly informs the main switch to change state when pressed.

This can be expanded to an additional location with another transmitter switch. In other words, they do not use a physical traveler for control.

See supported switch options here.