4-Pin Header Measurements

Lost my 4-pin header for the 2gig-upcbl2. Can someone please measure the distance between pins (I get .1") & the length of the pins on each side?

So the plan is to jerry rig a 4pin?

You can get the measurements off the 4pin in the main cp

Before you fry your TS1, you might want to rethink your course of action and do an OTA to the TS1 over cellular or Bridge.

Another option is simply to replace the $25 cable and 4pin, then sell just the cable at a discount (new update 2GIG cable will prob fetch $15-$20 easy on ebay)

I wouldn’t advise making your own, if that is the case.

I’m getting .1 spacing x .3125

Didn’t make my own, I hit the local electronics store. All they had was a 7-pin so I just cut 3 of the pins off to make it 4.

I don’t see how I’d fry anything. It’s just an extension. Mine is a bit longer (.1 x .5), I’ll just be careful not to jam it in or cut it and buff the ends. It was a whopping .37¢! :slight_smile: