2nd Garage Door Sensor

I’ve installed a 2nd garage door sensor. The garage door opened and closed when I added new sensor, but now the garage door sensor is not showing up on app or website. Please help.

I assume you’re trying to add a second garage door opener to a Liftmaster MyQ Garage hub? Did the second garage door show up on your Alarm.com account at all? I can see that your hub went into learn mode earlier today but I don’t see anything about a second garage door opener being added. It doesn’t seem to have added. Can you try adding it again?

I tried learning the garage door opener but that did not work. Is there a way to delete the second sensor I installed from you guys end so I can try to reinstall the new sensor?

I’ve requested an update to the equipment and I see a second door. Can you verify?

It shows up and working properly. Thanks.