2GIG zones not learning or recognizing

Good Evening,

I have a new 2GIG edge that doesn’t lean any of my sensors. I have tried the encrypted and non encrypted. I have tried a door sensor, firefighter and glass break sensors. I checked that they have power and work. I have followed all the programing directions but no matter if i use the learn or type in the manual number it will not test or recognize the sensor.

I have reset the system and it doesn’t make any difference. Any suggestions ?

You have the Installer Code (default 1561) and are able to access sensor programming correct?

Are you positive the sensors you are using are 345Mhz?
Do you have any brands or part numbers from the sensors you are trying to pair?


Yes i am in the installer options and in the sensor programing spot. The sensors are new from 2GIG and i confirmed they ate 345Mhz. I have yet to try any other brand sensors at this time.

I even tried an older motion sensor 2GIG brand left over from the older system but no luck.

SO far i have tried those listed below but none of them learn or are recognized during the system test when the TXID # is manually entered.

glass break-- 2GIG -GB1 345
Garage tilt – 2GIG -TILTE-345
Firefighter 2GIG - FF- 345

I have connected the pannel to the internet but i have yet to set up and cellar monitoring ( scheduled for tomorrow) or any zwave devices.

I’m not seeing a Surety subscription associated with this. Do you use Surety as your service provider?

If the panel will not communicate with any 345Mhz sensors you may just have a failed transceiver.

Your current service provider will be able to double check the sensor programming and confirm if a hardware fault is present.