2GIG with phone line, no service, question

We are not connected to a monitoring company. We do not have a cell module installed. We only connected our land line telephone to the 2GIG control panel. On Question 11, since we are not being monitored, we use our cell phone # to be notified in case the alarm goes off when not home.

My dilemma is how to establish communication with the 2GIG control panel when my cell phone is called by the 2GIG control panel. Apparently there should be a command that I should enter into my cell phone to establish 2 way communication with the control panel. I’m not able to figure that out.

Can you please tell me what do I push on my cell phone when I receive a call from the control panel that my alarm has gone off, that will connect me with the 2GIG control panel? As of now, when my alarm goes off, I get 7 repeated phone calls from the control panel (land line phone) to my cell phone because I am not able to establish communication after the first call. If I were able to establish contact after the first phone call from the control panel, then I would not continue to receive the next 6 calls. Can you please tell me what the command is? Everything else works fine.

With a pots module you would be able to dial into the phone line attached to the panel and with the correct access code send remote commands over the phone, arm, disarm etc.

If you add your number in the Q CS#1 and CS#2, and enable POTS features you may get panel to call, but you won’t know what its for, or be able to differentiate between troubles, system trouble events, alarms, supervisories, malfunctions, etc.

On the average, POTS monitoring runs $9, and would basically allow everything to work like you want.

See: http://www.2gigforum.com/threads/132-POTS-module-question

The 2GIG panel doesn’t support calling your cell phone to notify you of an alarm. It’s trying to call a receiver machine at a central station, something like a fax modem. It keeps trying over and over again because your cell phone isn’t an alarm signal receiver so it can’t receive and acknowledge the signals properly.