2gig TS1 speaker

Hello. My TS1 keypads are working fine (a little lag once in a while). However, when arming and disarming, when the lady speaks, her voice cuts in and out. She gets out the message, it just cuts out some. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Is the behavior the exact same for all TS1s? Does this always happen or is it intermittent?

Same behavior on both ts1’s. Always occurs but usually gets better if she gives more than one message. It’s like she’s asleep but once she wakes she’s good to go.

I see, do you hear a noticeable pop sound when the voice kicks in? Is it more noticeable on certain words than others?

No noticeable pop that I can hear. Usually skip occurs around the middle of the message. For example, “system armed st(skip)ay.”

There may be a little bit of a pop when the message begins.

Ah, it skips in the middle? I was assuming at the start, apologies. I have heard some stutter here and there, but it is on rare occasion.

To cover our bases, how far are these TS1s from the panel?

Less than 35 feet.

I get the same voice interruption every now and then. It is probably firmware related (bug).

The Popping/low humming/buzzing from the speaker on top/back has been posted about before and may be some sort of interference, etc. Most don’t even hear the humming/buzzing unless there is absolute quiet (put ear to top of TS1)

In my case, I have the first gen TS1 (*takes 3 AAA batteries for backup power supply, has no barrel plug, and says “Home” and “Emergency” under the buttons).

*I use 3 rechargeable batteries as it will eat through alkaline like crazy

I am leaning toward it being a firmware issue as well. I would not expect hardware related interruptions to “catch up” so to speak. Words would cut out or not.

Did you happen to update these TS1s or factory firmware? What version are you using?

Version 1.13. Seems they did get a little worse after the update but it was always a slight issue. I flashed them twice to see if it would correct the issue.

I will see if 2GIG is aware of any issues regarding the voice on 1.13. 1.14 is due out sometime in the near future, I believe.

Could gauge of wire affect this? Using 22/2 awg.

Likely not, but how far is the wire run? (22 AWG is pretty commonly used for short runs.)

6 feet max.

My TS1 is also on 1.13. I don’t get any breakups in the voice, but I do hear a popping from the speaker when the TS1 is communicating with the main panel. I always figured that the popping was normal.

The popping of the speaker is definitely normal. More pronounced noise might indicate a speaker issue, but the OP issue is more likely firmware related.

The popping of the speaker can be caused by loose internal wiring, vibration, bad connection that interrupts the current, etc.

Basically the TS1 is just a cheap electronic device, and the components are most likely low end.

Most alarm products (most audio products even) are not optimized for finely tuned acoustic quality. Popping when the speaker kicks in is normal (quick capacitor discharge, my bet).