2Gig Thermostat & hot water heater(s)

Do any of you have any experience using the 2Gig thermostat to control hot water heaters?

I have two 50 gallon hot water heaters that I would like to control the following:

  1. on/off - while away on weekend-long trips
  2. timer/schedule the hot water heaters off during the late night/early morning hours
  3. control the water temperature during the Winter/Summer months

Does this look like a viable option compared to the Elk Heavy duty Relay contactor, that only controls on/off? 2Gig thermostat is $83 each in your store vs $90 each for the Elk relay contactor. It seems the thermostat is a less expensive alternative AND has more benefits. Is it possible to run three thermostats on the system? 1 for HVAC and 2 for hot water heaters? --Jeremy

I’m not certain you will be able control your hot water heaters using 2GIG thermostats. The major issue I see is how to control/monitor the temperature of the water because the thermostat wouldn’t be able to detect the temperature of the water. I have a ticket in with the manufacturer to see if there is a way to make this work. As far as controlling them, you may be able to use https://suretyhome.com/product/aeon-labs-aeotec-z-wave-smart-energy-switch-dsc06106-zwus/ or https://suretyhome.com/product/2gig-plug-in-light-onoff-switch/. Both of those can be setup for schedules or remotely turned on/off if needed. Keep in mind that both of those devices have a maximum load of 15amps.

I just got a response from the manufacturer. The thermostat cannot be used to control a hot water heater.


Page 5 and 16 mention hot water. After reading your response, I am thinking this is a type of HVAC system, maybe what is referred to as a “boiler”? I have been getting my hopes up thinking it controlled hot water heaters.

Thanks, Jay.