2GIG Tear Down


I am just wondering if anybody has performed a tear down of the 2GIG Go control panel? I am interested to know the make and model of CPU, RAM and Z wave chipsets…Sites like ifixit do a full tear down of Apple and other products…I was just curious to know if anyone has done the same for the control panel…


I doubt it. There are at least three hardware versions of the GoControl that I know of.

When you tear your panel apart, let us know.

I took a picture of the internals when I was getting it installed. It says on the board v.1.9.3


That number you are referring to is just the production firmware version loaded on the unit prior to shipment.

Pretty much all the names in security are extraordinarily tight lipped when it comes to those type of questions.

Whereas something like a tablet or phone is prized for power and versatility, that’s not really a good analog for the traits necessary in a reliable control panel that has limited jobs.

My guess is this will change. The industry as a whole seems to only just be waking up to the fact that a lot of homeowners would rather choose a DIY route and still use a major manufacturer’s product.

...It says on the board v.1.9.3...

I hope this “install” was like in 2012, and not recent, cuz that is some old firmware…

It is a 2013 install…I am not sure when it was originally built (it was brand new) but I had the firmware updated atleast twice since then…It now has version 1.12 but Z wave is still stuck at 2.76. I was told that z wave would automatically update to version 3.20 along with the 1.12 firmware update but that did not happen to be the case. I read somewhere on this forum that it needs a chipset upgrade for version 3.20 but according to 2GIG, using an updater cable should update to 3.20 along with firmware 1.12. They say to do a “hard” upgrade using the updater cable and that should take care of the Z wave upgrade…Does not make much sense to me as to why a “updater cable” would do it as compared to an OTA (over the air). Maybe alarm.com does not have the newest z wave files (3.20) in their 1.12 firmware folder?

Overall, the Z wave functionality is great, extremely reliable technology! I have Z wave sockets, Z wave bulb and door lock and they all work great with scenes even with version 2.78. I have had no reliability issues…

Nope. (Your 2013 install used old hardware from 2011-2012)

If your old panel has zwave 2.78, it will never update to 3.42. The panels released in 2012/2013 included the newer zwave version BTW…

These are the the hardware revisions I know about:

A. Zwave version 2.78 (2011 and prior)
Has “Emergency” and “Home” under buttons, built in POTS capability

B. Zwave version 3.42 (2012)
Has three symbols under emergency button, requires POTS module

C. Newest with zwave version 3.42 (2013/2014)
Has three symbols under emergency button, requires POTS module

Thanks for the clarification…Here’s a picture of my internals…I took out the serial numbers for protection…Do you know if there were any recalls on the 2011 models? I know there was a recall as the GSM radio models were a fire hazard…

Mine is using Verizon so I am thinking it has a CDMA module…

Image file