2GIG super switch sensor programming

I have received my hardware and installed a Take - Super Switch (sensors 5 - 12, doors and windows). When adding the sensors/zones to the GoControl, it asked several question that I didn’t quite understand. Is there a way for you to view my selections and make corrections as needed?

Where can I find the definitions for the possible answers for the future. Also, please let me know what changes are made so I can make note for the future.

The 2GIG manual documents programming pretty well. See page 31.

You might consider making the following changes to what you have.

  1. Add voice descriptors so you can tell which sensor is which on the panel.

  2. Enable reporting and supervision for all your sensors. It looks like you have those options disabled for some of your sensors. If reporting (sensor reports) is disabled then the panel won’t send a signal to the central station when an alarm occurs on that sensor. If supervision (sensor supervised) is disabled then you won’t be alerted if a technical issue occurs with that sensor.

I read that section of the manual and those parts make sense, but for clarification, should the loop number be “2” for existing window sensors when using the Take super Switch?

The loop number is always 1 for the super switch takeover module. Here’s the manual for the super switch.

Loop number is addressed in step 7.

Takeover Module tutorial video can be found here.