2gig SP1 loss of any sound

I have a 2gig SP1 that has lost its sound. I went through the entire setup with alarm.com again and they say it’s a bad SP1. Have a hard thinking a sound could go out. I want to revert the old firmware. Any thoughts?
IT will arm and disarm the GC3E . Works all but any sound.

Since I had to relocate the GC3 to where I had the SP1 due to some kind of frequency interference.

If you have already gone through troubleshooting and checked all volume settings, it’s more likely a hardware failure of the speaker or its connections than a firmware concern.

Also, firmware cannot be reverted on the GC3/SP1. What firmware version do you have on the GC3e and what firmware is on the SP1?

I would recommend reaching out to your current service provider or the vendor where you purchased the SP1 and check if it is still under warranty. The SP1 has been discontinued by 2GIG, but the vendor may have options.

I need to check those, oddly enough they did work for a period then just quit. Had a hard time believing hardware failed like that.