2GIG Signaling Issues

Well I set the alarm with my iPhone app and it said it timed out and didn’t lock or set the alarm. My wife came home later and the lock was unlocked and the alarm was not set. An hour later it decided to complete the lock and alarm commands so when she moved around the alarm went off. Did you have trouble with your system yesterday afternoon?

Taking a look at your history I’m seeing very poor signaling and a delay in acknowledgements.
-Have you recently moved your panel to a new location?
-Is the antenna connected to the cell module correctly?
-Are you using the antenna that came with the 3G cell module?
-If the panel is mounted on the wall, is the antenna near high voltage wires? This can cause signaling interference.

Try power cycling your panel (unplug the power supply then the internal battery, wait 2 minutes then plug the battery back in followed by power supply) then run a Cell Test.
-Does this fix your signaling issue or did you see any errors on screen during the cell test?