2GIG Secondary Keypad Issue

Second panel in bedroom not working have tried swapping out and same issue occurs. Used to work before and we haven’t changed internet provider.

That appears to be the TS1 secondary keypad correct? This would communicate via the 900MHz band using the XCVR2 radio (installed internally) This would not communicate via WiFi.

How long have you been experiencing this issue?

How far away from the main panel is the secondary panel?

Has the panel been moved recently? You will want to check to ensure that the wiring is correct and supplying power. Is the TS1 currently powered?

IF the main panel (2GIG Go!Control) has been moved recently, the XCVR2 radio may have become dislodged. You will want to powerdown your main panel completely (Transformer first, then battery) and check to ensure that it is installed properly and reseat the XCVR2.(This is the internal module with the curly antenna) Then power the panel back up, batter first, then transformer. Any change?