2gig PIR Motion Detector

I have everything working as they should be except one motion detector. Its a 2gig PIR1-345 and I have changed the battery twice. After inserting battery it flashes red a few times the stops. I have to be almost touch it for it to detect movement.
Can they go bad?

Any sensor can go bad, but there are some additional considerations to make with motion detectors.

Battery operated motion detectors will not repeatedly trigger under normal circumstances. There is a roughly 3 minute delay between activation as a power saving feature.

Another common problem is the installation height. Make sure it is mounted at the manufacturer recommended height. For the PIR1-345, the appropriate height is 7.5 feet.

This thread goes over troubleshooting for similar questions on a PIR1-345.

Do you still have this issue after the suggestions?

No issues
Just pushing it before it has reset