2Gig Panic/Medical Programming Question

I have a need to add a 2Gig Panic/Medical Emergency alert (2GIG-PANIC1-345) button to my panel due to a family member having a medical condition. However, I want to find out how to configure it (if it is possible) so that it sends a “Panic/Medical” alert to the CS and not a general police response. This is so that if the event happens in another room and wasn’t able to reach a phone and out of speaking range of the 2-way voice feature on the panel; the CS would know to dispatch police assistance.

When adding to the system, program the sensor type as “24 hour auxiliary” and equipment type “emergency”. You’ll also want to let us know about your added sensor. The fastest way to do this is by emailing us at customerservice@suretyDIY.com, and the next fastest is by live chatting us during business hours to let us know you’ve added a sensor. We then make sure that the central station records have the correct zone number, name and programming instruction on how to respond to this button being activated.