2GIG Panel Swap


It seems my zones did not move over to the new panel. Should I be shutting down the old panel after the cell phone test? That did complete properly.


Powering down the old GC2 would not be necessary as the new cellular module has been swapped in your account.

Which version of the Go!Control panel do you have? Does it have the word “Emergency” spelled out underneath the face button? If so, this version is not fully compatible with the panel swap process if swapping to a GC3.

It looks like all commands have been sent and acknowledged at the panel and the swap process has been completed. If you do not see the prior zones, it appears they have not successfully imported to the panel and may need to be relearned manually.

Have the users been transferred to the new panel properly?


Users were transferred but not zones. No it does not have the word emergency spelled out. I have version GC3 - Version 3.0.0. I guess I will relearn the zones, thankfully its not a huge deal.