2GIG Panel Not Recognizing Doors Are Closed

New user with a new 2GIG-CP21-345 panel. Everything set up and system tested good on all items. When a door is opened, panel shows that door is open. However, when the door is shut, the panel still says that it is open. Reboot system, and panel again shows door is closed and ready to arm. Then open door again, panel shows door is open. Close the door, panel again still shows door is open. At this time, sensors are only set up on two doors, occupying RF sensor 2 and RF sensor 3.

RF sensor 2
equipment code: ()0637) HW D/W “5816”
serial number: *******
equipment age: existing
loop number: 1
dialer delay: enabled
voice descriptor: back
reports: enabled
supervised: enabled
chime: (02) ding-dong with voice #1

Unless you are using a 2GIG Recessed door contact your loop number is the issue here. You want to use loop 2 for surface door window contacts.